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workstation posture

Workstation Fatigue

The Key to Restful Sleep

Healthy Workstation practices researched and shared by the Postural Restoration Institute on ergonomic workstations gives ideas for creating a health condusive environment for more effective work hours and less destructive recovery times.

workstation fatigue

Pro-health Workstation Suggestions

• Your computer monitor should be set up so that you are looking at it at eye level.
• Your workstation should be set up so that things you use are reachable with both hands.
• Utilize both hands and avoid doing the same thing over and over with the same hand. This keeps your body moving with variation and avoids strong postural habits.
• Try using your mouse with the opposite hand every now and then.
• Use a head set for phone calls and do not hold the phone with your shoulder.
• Have a comfortable chair.  You should be able to sit all the way back in the chair with your knees slightly higher or at least level with your hips.
• If your feet do not touch the ground in this position due to desk height, try this handy dynamic foot stool to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor and move back and forth for variability.
• When sitting, avoid finding yourself leaning forward and sitting on the edge of your chair.
• When sitting, rock back onto your sit bones. Try sitting up, arching your back and then rocking back onto your sit bones. Feel and sense how much more relaxed the back is when sitting on your sit bones than with your back arched.
• Your head and neck should relax on top of your body and not advance toward the screen.
• Make sure you have appropriate single vision (not progressive) eye wear so that you are not squinting or reaching forward with your head to see the screen.
• Try alternating sitting with standing. Changing positions is the key. Static positions for a long time lead to postural patterns in your body.
• Set an alarm to get up at least 1x/hour to move around your space. Walk around, swing your arms, rotate side to side, and wiggle.
• If you have time, get outside, and take a walk around the block.

If you're needing a custom workstation solution for your workspace, please reach out for an appointment immediately..
- Paige McNerthney MPT, PRC, PCES, CSCS, CKTP