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"Paige has been the first physical therapist that I've had to actually connect the structural pain I was feeling to my chronic illness (POTS). Being seen as a whole person rather than just distinct aches and illnesses has been so instrumental in helping me work towards long-term wellness versus just quick fixes. I have gained so much insight into how my body is working through her extremely knowledgeable care. Her joyful personality and love for her work shines through in every appointment! I have loved working with her and am excited to continue." 

"Loved working with AlignMend to fix some nagging issues that made my weightlifting training very difficult.  Paige was knowledgeable and methodical in attacking fundamental structural issues to provide long term relief instead of the temporary fixes I've had from previous PTs.  I enjoyed our visits and learning about the principles of PRI and the time Paige would take to show me what she was talking about as we were working through my issues.  I can see and feel the results in my training.  Highly recommend!"

"Paige helped me recover from a left ankle sprain in early 2020 before COVID-19.  Through one-on-one sessions, she helped me reduce swelling and regain balance in everyday activities. Honestly, I found the breathing exercises silly, but doing them with Paige and at home gave amazing results.  She has a friendly, fun personality and intently listens to your concerns. She not only left me feeling better but with the knowledge to maintain good body alignment. I highly recommend her professional expertise! "

"Paige has taken Physical Therapy to the next level; provided me with the tools and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate and professional, ensuring each technique was the proper means to move me towards a healthy body and at the same time she implements a caring personable touch. She is my hero, put me on track for a quality healthy lifestyle free from pain and discomfort."

"Before my first visit with Paige, simply putting my socks wracked my lower back with pain. She immediately saw the issues with my posture and gave me cues to begin fixing it. Within days of that first visit I was running without pain. Paige is great at explaining why we are doing a certain exercise and how the body is connected. The exercises built on each other making progress satisfying and easy to maintain."

"Working with Paige has changed my life. I lost much of my voice post-covid, which was devastating and forced me to take medical leave from work (which requires constant vocal use). Doctor after doctor recommended rest, but nothing really shifted, and I was terrified to sing or speak in case it got even worse.

After a few sessions with Paige, my voice started to return. Instead of feeling helpless and hopeless, I now have tools (PT exercises from Paige) that I can do that actually make a difference in my voice. I look forward to sessions with Paige, as she is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and a joy to be around. Thank you, Paige, for making such a difference in my physical and emotional health!"

"I remember the first time i walked into Paige’s office. She kept reiterating that her method wasn’t for everyone; i simply kept thinking i was finally home.

I came to Paige at my wits end about top of foot pain. I have learned so much more about myself—both mind and body in my visits to her practice.

Paige is a healer, there is no doubt about that. She is caring, intuitive, sympathetic. It is a privilege to have her work on me, and amazing to watch her eyes flash and mind whir as she simultaneously absorbs what you are saying, and scans your posture/jaw/entire body in one sweeping glance.  Paige has restored confidence in not only my own body and strength, but the entire medical system.

Before Paige began treating me, i didn’t know it was not normal to:
• Experience intense pain in random parts of the body, consistently
• Have the same “knots” in tendons and muscles, for over a decade
• Have experienced physical pain as a child  
• Demand your husband massage your right knee every night because it is sore for some unknown reason
• Trip over your own feet 24/7 and run into doors. Sober.
• Be unable to drink a liquid and walk simultaneously (what’s the point of hiking?!)

This is not an exhaustive list either. The physical and mental strength and clarity that Paige has allowed me to unlock within myself is a tangible concept, with intangible rippling positive effects that have cascaded throughout my life.

There cannot be enough said about Paige, her perseverance, her dedication to her craft, the infinite recesses of her mind that rapid fire in her commitment to heal what ails you, and the quiet stillness that PRI has brought to my life after over 30 years."

"I came to Paige with chronic hip and low back pain. I had seen a lot of different practitioners without success, and, frankly, I’d become jaded that anything would help me. I began to trust Paige’s expertise when I saw how easily she could adapt any exercise she asked of me so that I could do it without pain. Now I have less pain and can function a lot better. I also appreciate the kindness and patience she’s shown me during our appointments. I highly recommend her!"

If you are seeking to decrease pain, improve physical movement and personal performance while losing weight and feeling better; reach out to me today.
- Paige McNerthney MPT, PRC, PCES, CSCS, CKTP