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Postural Restoraiton

The Importance of a
Healthy Posture
Postural Restoration® is a posture based integrative treatment that addresses underlying biomechanics that can often lead to symptoms or pain and dysfunction Postural Restoration® works to reposition the body into proper bone and muscle alignment, and then uses exercises to retrain our movements to maintain this position and prevent us from falling back into faulty positions. The maintenance and strengthening of proper postural alignment results in restoration of full function.

Postural Restoration® treatment engages in complete examination of each patient's particular concern. I conduct an initial evaluation before implementing a complete plan. We provide an examination of the diaphragm, intercostals and other respiratory muscles important not only in respiration, but in trunk, upper extremity, and lower extremity movement dysfunction.

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We all tend to sit for a majority of the day.

How you maintain your posture throughout the day? Do you catch yourself slouching frequently? Do those last couple of hours of school or work leave you fatigued and ready to leave due to aches and pain? If you are experiencing discomfort, especially in your neck or back, poor postural position is most likely to blame. Fortunately, I understand how to evaluate and education you on how to resolve this issues.

Call us today to learn more about how my physical therapy programs can help improve your posture and lead you to a pain-free, active life!
- Paige McNerthney MPT, PRC, PCES, CSCS, CKTP