Does AlignMend accept insurance?

Answer: No. AlignMend Physical Therapy/Paige McNerthney, PT, PRC, PCES, CKTP believes in quality of care and takes pride in her model as an out of network provider. This allows her to treat without insurance time limiting bias, one on one focus, and determine a individually customized care plan. After each visit you will be supplied with a Superbill containing everything you need to submit for insurance reimbursement.

How long until I start feeling better?

Answer: Healing is a process. It is a journey not a destination. Each path of healing is different. It depends on the dedication you have to your program and your willingness to make the necessary changes. My goal is to teach you not only how to better access movement, decrease tone, and allow you body to feel safe again, but also to educate you on easy daily activities that you can incorporate into your routine with little to no effort move and feel better.

How frequently will I need to be seen?

Answer: Initially I see clients on an average every 7-10 days. Again, this is on a case by case basis. The frequency is never more than one a week unless requested by the client. It takes at least 3 visit to determine the pace that your body is willing to make the change and also for you to begin to understand the goal of the exercises and the patterns we are trying to change.

How long are follow-up appoinments?

Answer: Most clients follow ups are 60 mins. I do have clients that travel far to come to their appointments and prefer a 90 min or 120 min follow up because they are not being seen as frequent.

How did my body get this way?

Answer: The body is made to be asymmetrical. Asymmetries are not a bad thing. We need them to be able to move and rotate through all three planes and allow our body to move from left to right and back again. But, as we develop and due to these asymmetries we have some patterns of movement that are easier on the right side and some that are easier on the left side. If we become to dependent on one side verses the other, it limits our ability to freely and safely move from left to right, causing 'patterning" within the body. This patterns that we get "stuck" in can lead to competitions within the body due to the inability to freely move from side to side. Leading to joint compression, tissue stress, headaches, body pain, increased anxiety, decreased sleep, weight gain, facial asymmetries and much more.

Does AlignMend offer Dental Integration?

Answer: Yes. I do have several dentists that I work with in the Seattle area if dental integration is needed. First we must evaluate and work on movement repatterning before we discuss a dental splint or orthosis.

What is Dental Integration?

Occasionally the body will need the assistance of a mouth orthotic to assist with repatterning and programing for posture and alignment. Think of the teeth as the "feet of the head and neck". Often, we need to put an orthotic on our teeth just like we do to our feet to be able to position the head and neck on the body, to help open the airway and to help down regulate our system. This down regulation allows for the body to accept new pathways of movement without pain and to feel safe and strong again.

Does AlignMend offer Orthotics?

Answer: Yes. I make custom orthotics onsite which are mailed off for fabrication. The turn around time is about 3 weeks.

Am I required to excercise at home between visits?

Answer: Yes. I give no more than 2-3 exercises for home. Often I only give one exercise and then focus on some easy life "hacks" to help with pain and movement. This activities are performed over the next 7-10 days and are progressed at each follow up visit depending on objective testing results at the time of treatment.