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body disconnection

Feeling Disconnected

A feeling of being twisted
or disconnected

Do feel like your body is controlling you and instead of you controlling your body? If you’re working hard to get stronger or move freely, but just cannot make gains and otherwise feel stuck, let’s talk, because there’s a reason, and it’s not in your head. Feeling twisted or stuck means feeling tight on one side, looser on the other.

Symptoms can include many things like turning or looking one way easier than the other, experiencing headaches on one side, or feeling shoulder, hip, knee, or back pain (you guessed it) on one side more than the other. Sometimes even one leg feels shorter than the other.
feeling disconnected

Let’s get you untwisted, flowing and feeling reconnected to your body, giving you back pain free movement and recovery.
- Paige McNerthney PT, MPT, PRC, PCES, CSCS, CKTP