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Feeling Compressed

Right-side dominance
The fact that the world is made for right-handed people no matter your hand dominance. It’s nature and nurture at work: we weigh more on the right side (so gravity pulls us to the right), our lung is bigger on the right side, our liver is on the right side, and we literally have more brain power on the right—both halves of the brain control our right side, but only one half controls the left side.That means developmentally, we are preconditioned to “load” our right side (and build a world that’s right side dominant).

Look in the mirror. Is one shoulder or hip higher than the other? Asymmetries (I’ve heard them described them as “crookedness”, or “lopsidedness”) are normal, but you must get into, and out of, both sides of your body to prevent overloading of a particular side. Why? Because uneven hips, knees, shoulders (and more) lead to joint and soft tissue breakdown, pain, one side dominance, autonomic stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, visual issues, confusion, headaches, balance issues, pelvic floor dysfunction…and the list goes on.

feeling compressed

Let’s bring decompression to your life, so you live (and move) with harmony through moving equally from right to left—and back again—so you feel the flow.
- Paige McNerthney PT, MPT, PRC, PCES, CSCS, CKTP