I'll Examine Your Movement Patterns

I'll Examine Your Movement Patterns

To get to the root of the problem you live with every day (and don't know what to do about).
Then Check Out Your Shoes and Feet

Then Check Out Your Shoes and Feet

Spoiler alert: The prescription for knee pain, jaw pain, shoulder tightness, and more may be the correct shoes.
And Even Look at Your Teeth

And Even Look at Your Teeth

Sometimes we inadvertently grind our teeth to ground ourselves to planet earth - I can help with that.

You Deserve Better

Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Back Pain, Oh My!

Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Back Pain, Oh My!

Let’s improve movement so you’re pain-free from head to toe.
Right-Sided Tightness

Right-Sided Tightness

Find a balanced flow between right and left no matter your hand dominance.
Drug-free Anxiety Relief

Drug-free Anxiety Relief

Fix your posture, fix your feelings (we’ll talk about that).
Lower that Latte Bill

Lower that Latte Bill

Postural patterns increase fatigue - but they don’t have to.
TMJ, Go Away

TMJ, Go Away

No headgear required, kick jaw pain to the curb.
Being Stuck in the Status Quo Sucks

Being Stuck in the Status Quo Sucks

There’s no need to plateau on feeling good - control your body, control your life.

Just the Facts

20+ years of experience

5000+ clients

5x / year continuing education

Hi, I'm Paige!

I own the betterment of my clients from start to finish so they can get back to their regular lives.

I’m a physical therapist with 20+ years of treatment experience that began at a small, outpatient orthopedic clinic in Bothell, WA, broadened during my time at a large corporate healthcare provider in Seattle, WA, and evolved into my own private practice where I specialize in getting clients where they need to go through both Postural Restoration (PRI) techniques and traditional physical therapy practices.

How did I get here?

I left corporate healthcare when profitability and market share – rather than wellness – became the priority. Of course, there’s more to it than that, so you should check out my story to learn more.

Photo of Paige - headshot

Postural Restoration (PRI) in 6 minutes

As featured on the Voices of America Public Television segment.

How to Get Started

Through understanding neurology and the psychology of your body, I can assist you in RESTORING sense, REALIGNING your postural position, and REPATTERNING your movements through your nervous system.

Feature: What to Expect

What You Should Know

I’m a self-pay (cash, HSA, credit card, or check), solo healthcare provider offering one-to-one care.

My rate is $190 per hour.

My clinic is not a big gym, but rather a small, comfortable space with enough room for movement and exercise.

My personality, energy level, and bedside manner conveys that I LOVE what I do, so be prepared for lots of optimism and enthusiasm.

Read my reviews to see if I’m a good fit for you, then schedule your initial evaluation if you think we’ll make a great team on your road to recovery!

Feature: Book Appointment

Schedule Initial Evaluation

Schedule your initial evaluation online here.

You’ll automatically receive new client intake forms in your email.

Please complete and submit the forms prior to your first appointment.

Note! Please wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes for all appointments.

My clinic is located at 2208 NW Market St., Suite #309, Seattle, WA 98107

Feature: Ongoing Treatment

Follow-up Appointment

The frequency of follow-up appointments will be determined after the initial evaluation and can be scheduled online or at the time of your in-person visit.

Most follow-up appointments are 60 minutes in duration, but there is the option of longer 90 or 120 minute appointments.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you take insurance?

    No, I do not accept insurance. I'm a self-pay (cash, HSA, credit card, or check), solo healthcare provider offering one-to-one care.

    But I can provide a superbill that you can self-submit for partial reimbursement. If you have questions regarding your out of network benefits, your insurance provider will be able to guide you.

  • Are the exercises difficult?

    The exercise programs and tools integrate correct breathing and movement so you feel good again.

    To that end, I can’t tell you if they are difficult or easy - only you can determine that.

    But know that a big part of my job is helping you through any difficulties you encounter. “Set it and forget it” is NOT how I run my practice.

  • Will I ever get back to my regular life?

    Through my intervention, our discussion, and the application of techniques I’ll show you, YES.

    Because the truth is, wellness and recovery are processes you are capable of.

    And I believe your ability to see possibility is the first step toward creating the life you want to live.

  • How long will it take me to get better?

    I can’t say.

    The one thing I do know is my patients are confident in my ability to speak openly with them.

    Thus I am not fearful of asking for help to get you better if I need it, and thus I’m not fearful of admitting that sometimes I just don’t know how long it will take.

    But I do believe that if you are confident in me, that you believe I will do my best to figure out everything I can do to help you, you will get better.

    This journey really falls on your shoulders. You’re the one doing the work. I’m just happy to help you along your journey to the best of my ability.

  • Do the exercises take long to perform?

    It depends. And I know you don’t like that answer!

    I’m a detective trying to follow the clues left by your movement patterns to determine which specific exercises and tools will relieve your pain, discomfort, or unease and ultimately restore balance.

    To that end, it depends on what I find. The individual exercises themselves may not take long - but how many of each kind is indeterminable until our initial evaluation.

    But you have to live your life, so we’ll find a way to make this work.

  • How could Postural Restoration techniques possibly fix my knee pain (or back pain, jaw pain…)?

    PRI professionals start with the fact that our bodies are asymmetrical (unbalanced) on the inside.

    So instead of just giving you a bunch of exercises and stretches, PRI professionals study all systems across neurologic, respiratory, and muscular - as well as your bite and vision.

    Then we provide exercises and tools to both address the problems we find and balance your naturally unbalanced body.

Treatment Plans and Pricing

Initial Evaluation
  • 90 minutes of comprehensive subjective and objective evaluation, initial treatment, and to develop your ongoing care plan.
$190 to $380
Follow-Up Appointment
  • 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions for objective testing and treatment based on your individualized care plan.
Shoe Fit Analysis
  • 90 minutes to finalize your previously recommended shoe selection determined during your initial evaluation.

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Questions or Concerns?

I'm Happy to Help! Drop me a line, or send me a note.

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