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Our proven, hands-on approach to healing clients for over 20 years

Founded in 2019, AlignMend was established by Paige McNerthney as a Physical Therapy practice focused on a unique mixture of holistic care, neurology, automimics and orthopedic physical therapy; allowing her to combine the most effective practices into a single program. This leads to quicker results and provides a more effective and longer lasting outcomes (helping patients avoid future/repeat injury).

Specializing in overall wellness, Paige dedicates her time to helping clients restore balance in all bodily systems including the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and other sensory systems like vestibular, vision, gut motility, and pelvic health.

Paige is a certified Postural Restoration Practitioner; formally trained through the Postural Restoration Institute® in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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“Loved working with AlignMend to fix some nagging issues that made my weightlifting training very difficult. I enjoyed our visits and learning about the principles of PRI and the time Paige would take to show me what she was talking about as we were working through my issues.”
Lily P.
Ballard, WA
“Paige helped me recover from a left ankle sprain in early 2020 before COVID-19. She has a friendly, fun personality and intently listens to your concerns. She not only left me feeling better but with the knowledge to maintain good body alignment. I highly recommend her professional expertise!”
Lisa A.
Seattle, WA
“Paige has taken Physical Therapy to the next level; provided me with the tools and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate and professional, ensuring each technique was the proper means to move me towards a healthy body and at the same time she implements a caring personable touch.”
Craig G.
Bellevue, WA
ballard top rated physical therapist

This is a journey not a destination

There’s a route your body followed that led you to feeling pain, discomfort, and difficulty with movement. My job is to find the root of the problem, then steer your body away from it so you feel confident in all movement and performance.